"From Dawn until Dusk" - A sportsman's Life
by Burl Jones

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"From Dawn until Dusk" - A sportsman's Life by Burl Jones
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Over the course of a long and distinguished career, the bronze art of Burl A. Jones has been seen on the grounds of state capitols and the lawns of college campuses, in the halls of dignitaries and the trophy rooms of entrepreneurs.

But behind the art, inspiring it and informing it with a unique authenticity, stands a life of the kind that is rarely seen today. From stalking whitetails in West Virginia to chasing Cape buffalo in Mozambique, the artist's urge to create has been fueled largely by his love for hunting and the outdoors. Compelling, heartwarming, and compulsively readable,

From Dawn until Dusk gives us an account, in the artist's own words, of the seminal events that shaped him as a sportsman, husband, father, friend, and artist.
New 196 page book by Burl Jones

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